2004 was another great year for iROLL Motors and club activities. For the third year, we went to the Davis swap meet and on to Thunderhill for a track day with the 242TI. It is always a thrill to drive at speed on the road course. I finally have the course figured out and am able to drive in the “B” group. We made it to the Westside Volvo meet I Culver City but only had a ’64 1800S in tow that was en route to a customer overseas. It was a great meet with lots of SoCal friends and cars in attendance. The Palo Alto Concours was outstanding as usual. We took Gretta again for display along with the ES. So many people are attracted to vintage Volvos, especially when there are so few in attendance at these SCCA shows. We were lucky enough to win 3rd in class F with the ES. Carlsen Volvo in Palo Alto had another nice met where they had the S60R race car mock up on display. Parts Manager Larry Fuhs, who puts this together, is always so supportive of the club. Our T-5R was chosen as best FWD car in attendance.

 Heading down south to San Diego, we attended the VSA National meet with our 1800ES. Saw a great bunch of 1800’s as well as other models. We got to check out Art Bank’s award winning “daily driver” ’73 ES, which we later sold for him to a thrilled new owner in Utah. Also traded stories with Irv Gordon who had his 2 million mile 1800S there. A little more local, we participated in the car show at the Taste of Morgan Hill with Gretta. What a shock when we were awarded a Best of Show award by one of the honorary judges. We got a piece of Poppy Jasper, the official rock of Morgan Hill and our picture taken for the local newspaper. I think it was the “I Love Morgan Hill” pin I was wearing that swayed the vote over all the super nice street rods and classic cars on display. I do love Morgan Hill!

 Then there was the VCOA National meet in Clearlake. Cool place, not so cool to get there over twisty St. Helena pass, but Gretta and the trusty van with ES in tow made it just fine. What a great gathering of Volvo people and cars. I gave a little presentation showing a vintage Volvo promotional video about factory rebuilt engines and brought home First place awards with Gretta and the ES. Quite a scene with a National Volvo meet and National water skiing competition all intermixed at the resort. The next week we went to see the S60R’s race at Laguna Seca for the first time. What a thrill to see a Volvo charging out there with all the other marques. Got to meet team owner Bob Miller and drivers, Derek Bell and Jameson Riley. What a great dedicated group out there representing corporate Volvo. Speaking of whom, provided a great spread of food, refreshments and goodies for the VCOA members in attendance.

 In Las Vegas I attended SEMA. Though not a club activity, it is the largest aftermarket trade show in the world. Wow, who would think that there are hundreds of suppliers of custom wheels out there. Met up with Irv again for a chat over a cup of coffee. Also saw our friends Scott and Richard from IPD there. Volvo had a nice presence in the Ford family display with a custom V50, and then there was the first appearance of the XC90 V8 with Raging Moose badges, what fun. Also caught a glimpse of a number of celebrities who make appearances at this event. Jay Leno had a huge following and then there was Hulk Hogan checking out the Mopars, specifically all the Hemi’s on display. And finally, I attended the Holiday party at Gary and Helen Lodge’s house. This year the locals were treated to some stories by vintage Volvo expert Tony Davey from the UK who was visiting with local member Bob Lord. They subsequently made a visit to iROLL Motors looking for replacement parts for Bob’s damaged 1800S. We always welcome visits from Volvo enthusiasts, whether local or visiting from distant places.

Track day at Thunderhill with the 242TI


Gretta and the ES at The Palo Alto Concours

The ES getting judged.

Award ceremony.

The ES got 3rd in class!


The T5-R next to the S60R at Carlsen Volvo Palo Alto.

T5-R awarded best FWD car in attendance.


The ES at The VSA National Meet in San Diego, Ca

Irv Gordon!


Gretta at The Taste Of Morgan Hill

Best Of Show!


ES at the VCOA National meet at Clearlake



Derek Bell! 

The ES at Laguna Seca





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